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Jay Williams’ album entitled “See the Light” is an eclectic mix of R&B featuring soulful harmonies, a touch of country, conscious messages amid world rhythms and a special Christmas love song.  Special guests on “See the Light” include Melvin Wilburn on tenor saxophone and Cecil “P-Nut” Daniels on the digital trumpet.

Jay says that the album “See the Light” reflects his journey through life.  “Full Moon, (track 7), was written when I was in my early 20s.  I was living in my hometown – NYC- and thinking about how the moon had so much power over the mood of the city. The full moon was beautiful but ominous too.”

Jay’s talent as a songwriter is evidenced on the album’s love songs (tracks 2, 3. 4 and 6). “I believe that the love songs on my album are songs that everyone can relate to.  Losing a love is hard and painful. Wishing for love and relationships that don’t exist is also a common pastime.  Then, when you do find love, you begin to realize that you have to work at it and that it changes over time.  And then there is the love a parent has for a child -Wow- that kind of love blows everyone away with its power.”

The cover tune “See the Light” and “Sinkin’ Feelin’ show thoughtfulness and concern about the state of the world and what his generation’s legacy will be. “Sometimes I get frustrated with the politics in this country and what it means for our kids.  I don’t understand why people can’t work together for the benefit of future generations.”


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